A versatile race who can live almost anywhere. Usually physically and mentally weaker than most races, Humans are still able to adapt to most anything.


A lizard-like race who usually lives in swampy areas. They can breath underwater, and as such there is some debate as to weather they are closer to lizards or fish.


A cat-like race who lives deserts. Khajiit lives in small nomadic tribes. They have incredible night vision.

Dark Elf

A race of elves who most often live in forest villages. They are more suited to one-handed weapons and bows than magic.

High Elf

A race of elves who most often live in large, beautiful cities. They are more suited to magic than weapons.


A large, greenish-skinned race who excell at war and fighting.


This race is the shortest and smartest of all. They generally live in massive, well-constructed underground cities.


Golems are belived to originally have been created by the dwarves, but now they are each sentient creatures. With an infinitely long natural life span, they have no need to breed, and so their numbers never rise. Most are made out of some kind of rock or mineral, but there have been many made out of some type of wood, or man made material.


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